Dead Quiet

by John Mahaffey

Must be the luck of the devil's own!

Robert McCall, son of Chairman Trey McCall of Nemesis, escaped to the Mississippi Gulf Coast from Canada. Delusional and quite insane, convinced he was the second coming of the infamous criminal Lucky Richards, Robert used the alias Ray Cunningham to carry out his vendetta against Nemesis and the McCall family.

Desiree Richards, took refuge in her condo near Montreal, Canada. There she plotted her next scam using the scheme her deceased husband Luck had perfected. If not for the McCalls and Nemesis she would have amassed a fortune and her husband would still be alive. Payback would be such sweet revenge.

Sister Nation, a new threat out of Napa, California, added to the issues Nemesis faced. Trey McCall and his family would not be able to rest easy until their adversaries were brought to justice—whether it be in the court room or dealt out by karma.

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Unfinished Business

by John Mahaffey

How much more screwed up could things get for one Texas family?

First, the madman Lucky Richards sneaks onto The Circle M intending to kill Trey McCall’s wife and young son. But there’s more—the Nemesis chairman confirms that his oldest son Robert—a half-crazed delusional lad, was involved and is on the loose with a fresh “reason” to take revenge on the McCall family.

In John Mahaffey’s second book in the Nemesis Series, Robert McCall, eaten up with hatred, becomes obsessed with retaliation. Lurking in the shadows there’s a wretched schemer, waiting for someone to join in her plot to make millions. Clumsily, Robert stumbles into the idea setup with a sly cast of characters who have nothing good to say about Trey McCall. How could they all be wrong?

Teetering on the brink of insanity, these new partners underestimate Robert’s determination to eliminate the man he blames for all his problems.

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by John Mahaffey

Trey McCall, an up-and-coming superstar on the golf circuit, staggered past a mirror and gasped at his reflection.

Horrified, he froze and stared at his pathetic image—sweating profusely through a torn and faded Bob Seger tee shirt, eyes blood red and glazed, hands shaking, mouth dry and scratchy as sandpaper. The disciplined essence of an athlete, a thing of the past—each intoxicated day mirrors the last and the next—lured from his principled sheltered life on The Circle M Ranch by unscrupulous forces in the real world.

Suddenly fully aware—he must escape this highway to nowhere—to regain purpose in and for his life. The obstacles were infinite—four truths, his only vehicle: 

  • He would need significant help to get there.
  • He must own his past to have a future.
  • Karma is real.
  • Trust is earned.

Lucky Richards, his nefarious business manager—a catalyst for disaster—vanishes, leaving in his wake an international trail of egregious felonies implicating McCall and his family. Survival becomes Trey’s primary concern, as golf takes a backseat.

Find out who steps in to help set Trey straight. Can McCall reclaim his self-worth on his journey back from rock bottom and come out on top in the unfamiliar territory of organized crime investigation?

Book Available in Paperback and eBook

About the Author

John Mahaffey was born in Kerrville, Texas, and attended the University of Houston, where he was a two-time All-American. John was a member of two NCAA national championship teams and the individual NCAA champion in 1970, a feat he accomplished one week after he tied for low amateur in the US Open at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, Minnesota. He graduated from U of H with a psychology degree in 1970 and turned pro in 1971.

Mahaffey is a ten-time winner on the PGA Tour, including the PGA Championship and the Players. In 1978, John won the individual title in the World Cup and partnered with Andy North to win the team competition at Princeville on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. The following year he partnered with Hale Irwin to win the World Cup for the US in Athens, Greece, and was a member of the victorious 1979 Ryder Cup team.

After playing the Tour for over three decades, John enjoyed the role of announcer/analyst on Golf Channel; broadcasting live golf for the Champions Tour. During his tenure as a commentator, Mahaffey wrote his first book, Hogan’s Boy—A Journey in Golf; an autobiography of stories and recollections of a career that spanned from the end of the Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson, and Sam Snead era to beginning of the Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson era—a time in which Mahaffey was fortunate enough to have Ben Hogan as a mentor.

Inspired to write more, Mahaffey embarked on a mission to author a collection of fictional works—the Nemesis series. Shafted is the first of the cybercrime thrillers. Golf takes a holiday when the McCall family is plagued by a corrupt narcissist who seeks to bring the golf star Trey McCall’s world down around him. The ingenious family of survivors stands up to fight for what is right.

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